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Inspired by the Vortex suit used by Team Sky, we've develop the AERON V wheel series equipped with vortex generators.
We develop this technology in order to create a tip vortex which draws energetic, rapidly moving outside air into the slow-moving boundary layer in contact with the surface.

A turbulent boundary layer is less likely to separate than a laminar one, and is therefore desirable to ensure effectiveness of trailing-edge control surfaces. AERON turbulators are 3D printed with UV resine what makes it very durable.

VortHEX™ technology not only improves aerodynamics but also affects the crosswind stability making wheel #windproof

How it works?

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WEIGHT   1950g/set front-870g  rear-1080g   *Weights do not include QR skewers or rim tape.*Wheel weights may vary +/-5%

RIM  65mm profile + discwheels adapted to the clincher tire, Tubeless Ready, HexStop ™ braking technology

HUB CNC machined aluminium body, ENDURO ceramic bearings, QR axle

SPOKES Pillar PSR X-TRA Streight pull 

COMPATIBILITY Shimano/SRAM 10/11 Campagnolo 10/11 (optionally) Sram XDR ..(optionally)


wheels (with Shimano cassette body installed)
 QR Skewers
 high-pressure tubeless tape (installed)
tubeless valves

wheel bags
 braking pads
 pumping adaptor
 RON snapback cap

zdjęcie czarno pomarańcz.png

HEXstop technology for our carbon rims is laser engraved hexagonal pattern that improve braking performance, heat and water dissipation. This solution combined with high-temp resin technology provides uncompromising braking performance in every condition and guarantees safety.

Ceramic bearings reduce power losses by reducing friction. Ceramic bearings are up to 40% lighter than steel bearings. Ceramic bearing elements are harder by more than 50% from steel, thanks to the possibility of a lubricant with lower viscosity. Resistance to deformation prevents deformation of the bearings and thus prevents excessive friction and increase their life.

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