AERON V6 + V8 disc

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Inspired by the Vortex suit used by Team Sky, we've develop the AERON V wheel series equipped with vortex generators.
We develop this technology in order to create a tip vortex which draws energetic, rapidly moving outside air into the slow-moving boundary layer in contact with the surface.

A turbulent boundary layer is less likely to separate than a laminar one, and is therefore desirable to ensure effectiveness of trailing-edge control surfaces. AERON turbulators are 3D printed with UV resine what makes it very durable.

VortHEX™ technology not only improves aerodynamics but also affects the crosswind stability making wheel #windproof

How it works?

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WEIGHT   1930g/set front-860g  rear-1070g   *Weights do not include QR skewers or rim tape.*Wheel weights may vary +/-5%

RIM  65/88mm profile adapted to the clincher tire, Tubeless Ready, max.rim width-27,6mm

HUB CNC machined aluminum body, ENDURO ceramic bearings, center lock disc rotor mount, adapted to 12mm thru axle, (QR skewer optionally)

SPOKES Pillar PSR X-TRA Streight pull  24

COMPATIBILITY Shimano/SRAM 10/11 Campagnolo 10/11 (optionally) Sram XDR ..(optionally)


wheels (with Shimano cassette body installed)
 high-pressure tubeless tape (installed)
tubeless valves

wheel bags
 RON snapback cap

zdjęcie czarno pomarańcz.png

Ceramic bearings reduce power losses by reducing friction. Ceramic bearings are up to 40% lighter than steel bearings. Ceramic bearing elements are harder by more than 50% from steel, thanks to the possibility of a lubricant with lower viscosity. Resistance to deformation prevents deformation of the bearings and thus prevents excessive friction and increase their life.

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