AERON 6+discwheels

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The AERON series offers a technological premium package. The WTAP2 technology is the next evolution of our breakthrough #windproof profile. The new 25mm wide profile is the answer to the latest global trends. This solution brings a number of benefits including better aerodynamics, greater stiffness, and increased tire volume for ride comfort and reduced rolling resistance.

All wheels in this series have been equipped with an aluminium braking surface made in DarksStop technology which ensures phenomenal braking quality even in the most difficult conditions. In addition, the AERON RR25 rims are compatible with the tubeless tire system.

AERON 6+disc A front wheel with a universal profile WTAP2 67mm in combination with the fastest AERON drive is a solution both fast and versatile



WEIGHT 910/1280 *Weights do not include QR skewers or rim tape.*Wheel weights may vary +/-5%

RIM #windproof hybrid Aluminium/Carbon clincher construction,67 deep aerodynamic profile
25mm aluminium braking surface width, TubelessReady

HUB Carbon tube &CNC machined aluminium body ENDURO sealed pack bearings

SPOKES Pillar 1432

• wheel (with Shimano cassette body installed)
• QR Skewer
• High pressure reinforced rim tape RON logo print.
• pumping adaptor
• wheel bag

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