§1. General rules

1. The following Rules and Regulations concern only online orders made in our online shop in the Polish language version on in the area of the  Republic of Poland paid in zlotych. Otherwise, either English language version of the Rules and Regulations  avaliable on or the customer's country version  is valid in reality.

2. The online shop is avaliable at :  It is run by

RON Industry Jakub Brzeziński

 ul.Daszyńskiego 11A  

63-000 Środa Wielkopolska




3.Selling bicycle wheels, their parts and accessories such as road bike wheel covers and cycling outfits are the business activity  of the online shop RON .

4. Definitions:

a) Online shop- the seller's online shop is available at


b) Rules and Regulations-present online Shop's rules and regulations,


c) Seller – RON Industry Jakub Brzeziński

 ul.Daszyńskiego 11A  

63-000 Środa Wielkopolska




d) Purchaser- a natural person, self-employed person, legal person or legal entity without any legal status that benefits from electronically-supplied services by the Seller,

e) Register form- avaliable in the Internet shop and enables everyone to creat their account,

f) Account- means individual name (username/login) and password given by a Purchaser, information resources in the electronic operator's computer system including information about  Orders,

g) Order form- an online form avaliable at our online Shop which makes placing any Order possible,

h) Order- the Client’s declaration of intent aimed directly to concluding Sale Agreement of the Product with the Seller,

i) Sale agreement - the sale agreement as defined in the Civil Code ( Official Gazette 1964 No.16 Item 93 with amendments.), agreed via The Online  Shop in the Polish language,

j) Product- it means an available movable item in the Internet Shop that is a subject of the sale agreement between the Purchaser and the Seller,

k) Proof of purchase-a cash receipt,VAT invoice or any receipt for purchase in our shop,

l) Entry point- location where Purchaser can pick up their  order personally and make a payment for the goods,

m) Annex 1- document which is attached to the Rules and Regulations and is a model of Warranty Card. It defines conditions of making a complaint  in the case of non-conformity of the goods with the agreement,

n) Annex 2-  Instructions how to use RON wheels attached to the rules and regulations,

o) Stock- amount of all the availabe products currently, unsold and ready to go.

5. Before filling in the  register form and creating an account, the Purchaser is asked to read the content of Rules and Regulations and accept it. An agreement regarding account management in our Online shop is concluded for an indefinite time and shall not imply any financial obligations for the Purchaser. The contract may be terminated at any time by removing an account in the shop or sending information about the resignation of the Purchaser to Seller to

6.Announcements, Seller's advertisements, prices and any information abuot the goods are presented on the shop's website, in particular their descriptions, technical parameters, usage and prices. They are invitation to a conclusion of an agreement as defined in the Civil Code dated 23 April 1964 ( Official Gazette No.16 ,Item 93 with amendments).

7. If you want to place an order in our online shop, you need a computer  with a 200 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, graphics card operating resolution 800×600  and 256 colours, an Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome) , a keyboard and any equipment which is necessary to fill in the electronic form.

8. The provisions of these Rules and Regulations are  not intended to exclude or limit any rights of the Purchaser who is  at the same time a Consumer as define in the provisions of Law dated 23 April 1964- Civil (Official Gazette No.16 ,Item 93 with amendments.) under the mandatory provisions of laws. In the event of non-compliance these Rules and Regulations with the above provisions, these provisions must be retained.


§2. Conditions of placing the order

1. The purchaser is requied to use our online Shop in a manner consistent with the applicable law, rules of social coexistence, morality. Respect for personal possessions and intellectual property rights of third parties should be taken into consideration.

2. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

3. The Orders are placed by filling up the form on the webpage of the onlone Shop.

4. All the orders referred to in Point 4 of this paragraph and placed on weekdays after 11 am, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be consider the following business day.

5. Order confirmations and  information about  execution of the order will be sent to the Customer by the Seller in electronic form.

6. The sale agreement is considered as concluded at the moment when the Costumer receives the email described in Point 5 of this paragraph.

7. It is not possible to cancel the order if it has already been sent to the costumer. It applies only to natural persons. In the case of the other Costumers, any Orders cannot be cancelled.

8. Average completion time of each order ( from placing the order to sending to the Costumer) is 3-5 weekdays.

9. It is possible to collect the order personally and pay  at the entry point after e-mail contact.

§3. Payment

1. All the prices are gross prices  in Polish zlotych, include VAT and duty tax unless otherwise indicated.

2. Each order shall be accompanied by a receipt.

3. Customers who are  not  natural persons authorise the Seller to issue a receipt without the signature in order to execute orders.

4. If the Purchaser does not make a payment within 7 days from the date of order confirmation, they will be called to make a payment. If a further call proves fruitless , the Seller is allowed to cancel the order. The purchaser will be informed by e-mail or phone.

5. The products in the stock will be sent within 72 hours from entry all cash in the Seller's account  unless indicated otherwise (except in the case of cash on delivery).

6. In order to confirm availability of the product in the stock at the moment, the Costumer is obliged to send an enquiry by e-mail address The date of dispach defined in Point 5 in this paragraph  is binding on the Seller only if e-mail confirmation of the product availability has been made in the stock.

9. W przypadku dokonania Zamówienia produktu nie znajdującego się w danym momencie na Stanie Magazynowym Sprzedającego, Sprzedający zobowiązuje się podać Kupującemu informację o planowanym terminie dostępności danego produktu. W przypadku niezaakceptowania podanych terminów Kupujący ma prawo odstąpić od Zakupu.

9. In the case of placing an order not available in the stock at the moment, the Seller is obliged to  inform the Costumer about the planned date for availability of the product. If not accepted,the Purchaser is allowed to withdraw from the agreement.


§4. Delivery

1. Kupujący może wybrać następujące sposoby odbioru zamówionych Produktów:

1.The Purchaser is allowed to choos the following ways of delivery:

a) Courier delivery,

b) Postal delivery (Polish Post),

c) personal collection at the entry point by prior e-mail arrangement.


2. Choice of delivery entity is to be choser by the Customer while placing the order.

3. Koszty wysyłki naliczane są zgodnie z aktualnymi cennikami i zależą od wartości Zamówienia oraz od masy i rozmiarów zamawianych przedmiotów. Koszty te mogą zostać powiększone o koszty pakowania. Kupujący jest informowany o kosztach wysyłki podczas składania Zamówienia.

3. Shipping costs of are calculated automaticlly based on current prices and depend on the value of the order, weight and size of the delivery. They can be increased by  packing costs. Purchaser is informed about the packing costs while placing the order.

4. Delivery costs will be paid by the Customer. In special cases ( f.ex. exceedances of some value of the order) delivery costs will be paid by the Selller. The Customer will be informed about it while placing the order.

5. The Seller is obliged to deliver the Product  free from any defects.

6. The Customer is obliged to collect the Product.

§5. Complaints

1. The Purchaser is obliged to inform the Seller about the situation when any defects of the Product are noticed.

2. A descripton of the defective product, the date the problem came up and The Purchaser's demands should be included.

3. The proof of purchase or its copy should be attached to the  product.

4. The Purchaser is obliged to send the defective Product to the Seller's address . Any costs are covered by the Purchaser. In the case of a complaint recoginsed by the Purchaser, delivery costs will be refunded.

5. The Seller is obliged to respond to the complaint within 14 days. No response from the Seller after this period is considered as  if it was recognized.

6. Slight differences in appearance resulting from  either individual computer settings of the Purchaser or differences in individual items are no basis for making a complaint of the Product.

7. Detailed conditions for making complaints of individual products are described in Annex No. 2 to these Rules and Regulations.


§6. Right of withdrawal from agreement

1. The Purchaser who is The Consumer as defined in Article 221 of Civil Code (Official Gazette No.16 ,Item 93 with amendments) is entitled to withdraw from the  remote agreement without giving any reason within 60 days from the date of receving the Product.

2. All the above entitlements do not apply to the Purchaser in the following cases:

a) agreements  whose content is either  nonprefabricated goods, made on the basis of Customer's specification or  goods meet the needs of the Purchaser,

b) agreements  concluded by public auction.

3. The Purchaser neeeds to hand in a  written statement  in order to cancel the contract defined in point 2 of this. The model withdrawal form is in Annex 1.

4. The Purchaser cancelling the agreement is entitled to return the Product in the unaltered state with the receipt or its copy within 14 day from handing the cancellation. It should be returned to the following address:

P.W Rekpo Tomasz Brzeziński

ul.Wrzesińska 28a

 63-000 Środa Wlkp


5.Delivery costs of returned Product shall be borne by the Purchaser.

6. The Purchaser is responsible for any diminished value in the goods resulting from using it in a way extending beyond necessary for ascertaining  its  nature, characteristics and functioning of the Product.

7. The Seller guarantees a refund of the purchase price  and delivery costs immediately without delay no later than 14 days.

8. The Seller offers a money-back guarantee  using the same method of payment as made by the Purchaser unless the Purchaser agreed on different method of refund without any additional costs. In case of card payments  refund will be on payment card of the Purchaser.

9. Unless the cheapest option of delivery, offered by the Seller, was chosen, the Vendor is not obliged to refund the additional costs.

10. Returned products sent at the expenses of the Seller or cash on delivery will not be accepted.

11. If Purchasers who are not Consumers in the meaning of Article 221 of Civil Code  (Official Gazette No. 16, item 93 as amended) i.e.  persons perform legal acts  linked with the business  or professional activity, withdrawal from the agreement  in this area is completely excluded.

§7. Protection of personal data

1. The Purchaser filling up the Order Form or Registration Form is asked to agree on process personal data by the Seller  under the Act of 29 August 1997 about protection of personal data (Official Gazette 1997, No. 133, item 883).

2. Personal data is processed By the Seller only to provide services.

3. Personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties or institutions for marketing purposes.

4. The Customers shall have regular access to data in order to verify, modify or delete it from the database.

§8. Final Provisions

1. The Seller has the right to limit the use of the Online Shop caused by its technical services, , maintenance work or  work on improvements of its functionality. Further, the Seller commits to use best efforts to make the technical breaks as quick as possible and provide them  at night.

2. The Sellor has the right to make any changes in Rules and Regulations. Amendments shall enter into force  when the Seller indicates but no sooner than 7 days after they were declared.  All the orders placed before the changes  defined above shall be executed with the existing rules while placing the order.

3. Disputes between the Parties shall be resolved amicably  or in the presence of an independent and impartial mediator. However, if it is not possible to resolve it amicably including through mediation, jurisdiction of the courts is recognised according to the rules applicable in the Republic of Poland.

4. In matters not covered in The Rules and Regulations the generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular  Acts of 23 april 1964- the Civil Code (Official Gazette 16, item 93 as amended) and Act of 30 May 2014 about consumer rights ( Official Gazette 2014 item 827) and other relevant ones.

5. The hereto Rules and Regulations come into force on 1 January 2016.