Are RON wheels under a tyre or  tubular tyre?

All Ron wheels are used for a tyre. This  solution is nowadays as fast as a tubular tyre and more practical.


How wide is the  rim in  RON wheels?

External  width of the rim is 19mm, internal width is 13mm.


What brake pads should be used?

We advise to use standard brake pads for aluminium surfaces in all RON wheels.


What are weight limits in RON wheels?

AERON disc can be used for a cyclist weighing up to 90 kilograms.

The other wheels are limited to a cyclist  weighing up to 120 kilograms.


What tyres are recommended?

The wheels from the series RON and AERO are designed in order to be compatible with a tyre 22-23 mm. However, it is also possible to use tyres 25 mm.


What is the difference between AERO disc and other discs in our offer?

The only difference between AERO disc and other discs in our offer is the weight. AERO is lighter by 40 g due to its slimmed rim.

What is  the recommended length of the valve for the disc?

The valve should be 42-48mm long.


Where can I check any opinions about our wheels?


 Review ( El kapitano): http://bit.ly/2s0PYSr

 Review 9 (Jednym tchem): http://bit.ly/2qtJppz