AERON cockpit speed plate

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DELIVERY TIME: 10-14 days


The Adjustable Carbon Plate for AERON Extensions is a cutting-edge accessory designed specifically for AERON COCKPIT SYSYTEM. 

Key Features:

Carbon Fiber Construction: The plate is made from high-quality carbon fiber.

Water Bottle Bridge: The plate is equipped with a special bridge that seamlessly integrates a water bottle holder. This clever design allows triathletes to stay hydrated without compromising their aerodynamics during the race.

Aerodynamic Performance: By connecting the aerobar extensions significantly improves the bike's aerodynamic profile. This reduction in drag results in enhanced speed and efficiency, crucial for achieving peak performance during triathlons.

Compatibility with Accessories: The set can be easily extended with a dedicated computer mount, providing a convenient and safe location for cyclists to attach their GPS devices or performance tracking systems.

Set Contains:  

• 3 piece adjustable carbon plate

• mounting brackets

• 2 part bridge

• set of screws

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