RON is a group of enthusiasts who realize their dreams about constructing world-famous bicycle wheels.
We are the only  Polish  maker of aerodynamic road wheels with carbon profile. We managed to achieve it thanks to our simple philosophy - passion for sport.


   Ron is a workshop specializing in making aerodynamic wheels intended for triathlon, road bicycle racing and time trial.
All our products are manufactured according to slogan BECOME AERO i.e. be AERO, be faster.
Our efforts are focused on one aim, we want to offer the best tools for fighting against the wind and time. We know that each second is important. We do our best to understand the wind, then we are able to cheat it.
Thanks to hours of computer stimulation we managed to make it. The effects of our work are #widproofWHEELS with technology WTAP™ and revolutionary series ULTRON.


   Everything started in 2012 when a nineteen-year-old triathllete decided to make his debiut in triathlon for a distance 70.3.
It was Jakub Brzeziński. His sport career came to an end and he made his way to engineering, wheels and carbon fibers. It was a bit rough start and after several attempts in his garage, the first prototype was created.
It was that moment when Jakub found his way of life. He started to dream of becoming a tycoon on the world wheel market. He received a great support from his father, an engieener who helped him improve the product. That's how disc RON Superdisc 1.0 was created. Before the first product hit the market, it was tested by professional cyclist Filip Przumusińsk. It had a rather difficult start because very few wheels were sold in the first season. There was one disadvantage of our discs then, namely, they were too heavy. We have developed our technology since then and now can offer one of the lightest aluminium/carbon discs on the market.
In 2016 high-profile wheels were included in the offer.

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