5 reasons why athletes love AERON X

Every triathlete dreamed of a shiny carbon disc wheel and that famous „whoop whoop” sound on the bike. However, most products on the market cost almost the same as an entire bike, but there is a company that changed the rules of the game, this company is RON wheels and their market changer- AERON X disc wheel.

Whether you’re shopping for your very first racing wheel or looking for an upgrade of your current race setup for free speed, you’re likely facing the same challenge… you want premium materials, the best aerodynamic, and superb quality — all at a price that makes you feel you’ve gotten a steal of a deal. That’s a tough combination to find. 

But one company delivers on all fronts. Here are reasons athletes like you are loving AERON X

  1. 1.  They design, develop and produce wheels in Poland

  2. In-house design and development team meticulously crafts every detail of the wheel — elevating them to true works of carbon art. There's no substitute for in-house design — you can almost feel the care and attention in the wheel.

  3. 2.  They deliver exceptional value.

    Athletes shouldn’t have to choose between superb quality, outstanding performance, and fair pricing. RONwheels ensures they don’t have to.  By limiting expenses to things that don't matter — thoughtful design, top-quality components, and new ways of manufacturing — RON is able to bring its wheels to market at irresistible price - 899 € on sale.

  1. 3.  Quality first. No exception.

    Some wheel companies keep prices low by using cheap materials and labor. Not RONwheels.

    From ceramic bearing made by industry-leading brand- Enduro, best quality hubs to german composites materials and laser-engraved braking Surface  -all topped by an industry-leading international warranty RON cuts no corners in producing the highest quality speed weapon.

  1. 4.  Premium features

    AERON X is designed according to the latest market trends and achieves parameters reserved only for the most expensive products

    Super Light- Only 1080g - One of the lightest tubeless disc wheel on the market

    Ceramic Bearings- Less friction for more speed

    Aerodynamic- AIRLense2- asymmetrical shape and hexagon structured surface for the optimal airflow

    Disc brake - AERON X disc wheel is available on rim brake or disc brake version.

    Tubeless- 25,6mm tubeless compatible rim (you can order wheel with pre-installed tire)

    HEXSTOP- exclusive laser engraved braking Surface guarantees effective braking.

  1. 5.  It’s run by father and son with a mission.

    In 2012, co-founders- father and son Tomasz & Jakub became frustrated by seeing €2,000+ price tags on disc wheels. Their first wheel wasn’t perfect, but after 8 years of development Ron achieve basically a 2k eur+ wheel for almost half that price