We believe in technology, therefore we try to apply its latest discoveries to our wheels. Find out how and with what technologies we make wheels for you.

Each stage of the product's development is extremely important and affects its final shape.

That is why create, prototype, test and repeat the process all the time. 

Our R&D team is working hards to stay ahead of trends and competition.  The proof is:

 AERON disc wheel- 2017- the first tubeless disc wheel on the market 

AERON V series - 2020-  world first wheels with convex vortex generators

01. We start our process by defining idea the purpose of a specific product. We answer the questions for whom we are creating it. We start sketching, creating the first 3D models  CFD simulations. To choose the fastest shape we make 3D prints and test it in a wind tunnel.

02. When we get the final design -mold is produced and we consult the project with carbon fiber technologists and material engineers to determine the type and direction of the carbon fibers for a specific application. After this process, we are ready to get first prototypes for testing. 

03. Final product is again tested in the wind tunnel, cycling track and real-world conditions.  After these trials, we are ready to start production to make you faster.