RON AIR 6,2 front

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BLACK AIR 6,2+8,6

RON AIR-uncompromising tool for fighting against the wind.

Our wheels means not only high-profile but also advanced technology, high quality and above-average aerodynamic. These factors plus affordable price make the series AIR be the best chioce for both cyclists and triathletes.

If you are looking  for hand assembling wheels suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, you really need wheels RON AIR.

• weight - 910/1110 *Weights do not include QR skewers or rim tape *Wheel weights may vary +/-5% 
• rim  - 68/86mm profile, suited for clincher, hybrid aluminium-carbon construction
• spokes - PILLAR 1432 AERO, 20pcs radial
• hub - PowerWay R36 carbon
• bearnings - ENDURO 


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