XDR cassette body

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XDR cassette body for RON wheels


XDR cassette body enables to mount 12 speed Sram AXS cassette on your RON wheel

Cassette body is equipped with 2 ceramic bearings from Enduro

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\"Two years ago, I weighed 90kg but my FTP was around 370. I was getting ready for my first TT race, modifying my Tarmac SL7 with TT bars, lowering the arm pads, and preparing for the competition. Friends advised me that if I wanted to compete seriously, I needed at least a disc wheel for my TT bike. I quickly searched online and found RON wheels. Fortunately, there was one left in stock in Korea, so I ordered it. I received it within a day and set it up tubeless. The race I entered was one of the biggest TT races in Korea, and I placed within the top 10. I then prepared for the next ITT & TTT races, where I got second place overall in ITT and first place in TTT. The following year, I won every TTT race I entered. I was very satisfied with the RON wheels. However, being used to swapping wheels between my TARMAC SL7 road bike and the TT setup, I didn\'t consider the wear and tear on the hub\'s sleeve and cap (Drive side) when tightening and loosening the axle. The damaged cap and sleeve wore out, damaging the freebody. I recently ordered parts, but mistakenly got RIM BRAKE SRAM-FREE BODY instead of DISC BRAKE. Now, I\'m unsure about the condition of the non-drive side bearing, and I\'m considering giving up on the repair. Currently, I\'m not using the RON wheels much. I bought an 80mm wheel set recently and mainly use that. Sometimes, I test with the RON wheel, but it doesn\'t seem to make me any faster. I\'m not sure if it\'s a problem with the bearings, hub, sleeve, freebody, or other parts. Honestly, I\'m feeling a bit tired now. However, I must praise the RON wheels. With these wheels, I achieved good results in the past, and I became known in the Korean TT races. The RON wheels look fantastic, especially with the AERON stickers illuminating in photos and sparkling in videos when they rotate. Thank you for providing such a great product at a reasonable price.\"