How to combine work and triathlon training? Tips from the AG World Champion


How to manage training in three disciplines with full-time work?

We asked RON's athlete - Jacek Krawczyk.

Jacek is an outstanding triathlete; in 2023, he became the World Champion AG in the M25-29 category with a time of 3:50:56, placing 36th overall including the PRO category. In his daily life, Jacek works as a Head of the Structures Diagnostics Department in a construction laboratory, and his personal best in the 70.3 distance is 3h40:03.

Balancing training with work is really difficult, but many amateur athletes struggle with it every day. In the process of planning the week, organization is crucial, as it allows for the reconciliation of professional responsibilities with training and personal life. Unfortunately, this often involves early wake-ups or late nights. The desire to reconcile all elements requires long-term thinking, which means there isn't always room for spontaneity, such as meeting friends.

Another important aspect of this puzzle is proper recovery - sleep is crucial, so if we know we're waking up early in the morning, we go to bed early the night before. Otherwise, the training won't be as effective as it could be.

The key is also in designing the training plan. The coach, knowing my capabilities, can tailor it so that we squeeze good results out of the few spare hours. He is the main thinker, while I fit the training into my "free" hours.

Maintaining a good diet supports effective training. Before the World Championships, I tried meal prep services to save time and maintain food quality. Now I cook at home, and my girlfriend takes care of the calorie intake and meal variety.

Sometimes there are days when after a tough day at work, there's no energy for training, and you have to choose whether to push through or prioritize recovery. I try to consult this aspect with my coach because sometimes fatigue is "planned" and the training must be done. However, sometimes it's better to take a break to continue the plan the next day, as best as one can


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