AERON bike fitting components



Achieving the right bike fitting is crucial in triathlon for optimal performance, comfort, and injury prevention.

A proper bike fit ensures efficient power transfer, reduces fatigue and enhances aerodynamics.

Armrests and their positioning play a significant role in achieving the right bike Fitting.

AERON EPT arm rests

These ergonomically designed armrests provide adjustable positions, allowing athletes to customize their setup for comfort and efficiency. The EPT armrests are engineered to support aero positioning, aiding in reducing drag and improving aerodynamics during the cycling leg of a triathlon.
Thanks to their elongated shape, these pads allow you to extend your forward position. This is currently a very desirable treatment.


• Improves comfort

• Helps to maintain an aerodynamic position

• Increase control of the bike

• Full Carbon ultra stiff construction

• Precise CNC drilling



The Aeron Cockpit is a cutting-edge aerobar system designed specifically for triathlon bikes, offering unmatched adjustability, comfort, and aerodynamics.

Adjustable and Comfortable: The Aeron Cockpit sets a new standard for adjustability, allowing riders to fine-tune their position to achieve optimal comfort and efficiency.

Aerodynamic Excellence: Engineered with aerodynamics in mind, the Aeron Cockpit enables you to slice through the air with minimal drag. Its sleek design and carefully positioned components reduce wind resistance, giving you a significant advantage during your triathlon races.

Comprehensive System: The Aeron Cockpit comes as a complete package, offering a range of features to enhance your triathlon experience. It includes adjustable armrests that cater to different arm positions, allowing you to find your optimal balance between comfort and aerodynamics. Additionally, the system features a water bottle mount, a computer mount, and a speed plate that further improves aerodynamics.

 Adjustable: The Aeron Cockpit offers extensive adjustability, allowing you to fine-tune your position for the perfect fit and optimal comfort.

Aerodynamic Design: Experience enhanced speed and reduced drag with the sleek and aerodynamic construction of the Aeron Cockpit.

Complete System: This all-inclusive aerobar system comes with armrests, a water bottle mount,  computer mount, and a streamlined speed plate for improved aerodynamics.

Full Carbon Construction: The Aeron Cockpit is built with high-quality carbon material, ensuring lightweight strength and durability.

Ergonomic Comfort: Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Aeron Cockpit provides a comfortable and natural hand position to reduce fatigue during long rides.

AERON angle shims

Angle shims are particularly useful for optimizing aerodynamics, comfort, and power output. Triathletes often seek a more aggressive and aerodynamic position to cut through wind resistance during the bike leg of the race. Angle shims enable to customize the tilt of their handlebars or aerobars, tailoring the setup to their individual preferences and biomechanics.

We offer 15* shims with horizontal or vertical hole positions.


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