ULTRON wind tunel test results


We are pleased to present the results of the comparison between the Ultron and AERON V8 front wheels, which have undergone detailed analysis to assess their aerodynamic effectiveness under various conditions. This report will showcase key findings regarding aerodynamic parameters, such as air resistance expressed in watts that can be gained at different wind angles of attack. This analysis will provide a better understanding of the differences between these two wheel designs and their potential impact on performance.

Both wheels were equipped with GP5000 S TR 25mm tires tubeless setup and 160mm Ultron brake rotors
Measurements performed at a constant speed of 42 km/h

The graph illustrates the aerodynamics of the wheels at various wind angles. Each data point represents the aerodynamic performance of the wheel at a specific wind angle, ranging from 0 to 20 degrees. The x-axis indicates the wind angle, while the y-axis represents the aerodynamic efficiency- to make the chart easier to understand, the value has been converted to watts

As the wind angle increases from 0 to +/-20 degrees, we observe changes in the aerodynamic behavior of the wheel. At lower wind angles (0-4 degrees), the aerodynamic efficiency tends to be relatively stable and similar for both wheels. However, as the wind angle exceeds 5 degrees,  the aerodynamic efficiency improves significantly due to the sailing effect.

Thanks to its design, ultron generates less turbulence - which enhances the sailing effect and makes Ultron faster than other wheels, even with a higher profile.

Additionally - unique two-spoke design with a wavy leading edge and different heights of rim profile, it minimizes air influence which results in better wheel stability.

According to our measurements, the lateral force acting on the rim at a wind angle of 15 degrees at a wind speed of 42 km/h is lower by 320 g/m2 compared to a wheel with an 88 mm profile in the same conditions


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